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Photo of Zhao, Fengdan

Fengdan Zhao

UIC BEST Program 2023


I am a passionate science educator with a strong focus on teaching chemistry. I advocate for student-centered teaching pedagogies, believing in the importance of building connections with my students and fostering open communication.

Besides that, I value diversity in the teaching atmosphere and support differentiation in assessing students' learning needs to ensure every individual's success.

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to join the UIC BEST program 2023, I was extremely fortunate to work in Dr. Jae-won Shin's lab for a 6-week summer program. In this lab, I learn about the interdisciplinary projects in Dr. Shin’s lab, which combines biomaterial design with micro technologies, enabling precise control of matrix properties at the single-cell level. This work aims to advance the field of single-cell mechanobiology and encapsulation therapy. During my time in the lab, I gained valuable skills in making hydrogels and gel beads.

Outside of my educational pursuits, I love various outdoor activities. Hiking, camping, and playing badminton are some of my favorite pastimes. These activities not only keep me physically active but also help me reconnect with nature and appreciate its beauty.


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