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Photo of McBride, LaToya

LaToya McBride

Westinghouse College Prep.


Ms. McBride is a teacher at Westinghouse College Prep. She loves her job, and says that, "Teaching science is fun, because it's always relevant and intriguing."  Ms. McBride graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a B.S. in Biology. After working at a school during her last years of college, she realized that teaching is what she enjoyed, and received a M.S. in Education from Quincy University.

Beside teaching Chemistry and Anatomy/Physiology, Ms. McBride works as the student council sponsor, coordinates the Westinghouse blood drives, and had the Ladies First Academy (LFA) community day class.

Ms. McBride is working on a project where students will design a way to test axial properties of tissue in terms of force and displacement in normal cardiovascular tissue versus decellularized tissue.

LaToya McBride's Curriculum:
The Cardiovascular System

In this unit students will explore the components of blood, the internal and external anatomy of the heart, the heart’s conducting system, taking hemodynamic measurements (blood pressure, pulse, and basic ECG readings, and lastly tissue arrangement of different vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries etc.). The performance task for this unit will be to have students to come up with a way to test the force and force and displacement of healthy cardiovascular tissue.


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