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Photo of Larrieu, Donna

Donna Larrieu

William Rainey Harper High School


Donna Larrieu has been a high school science teacher for 12 years. Donna has taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Space and Environmental Science. For the past 6 years Donna has taught at William Rainey Harper High School. When Donna was 5 years old she realized she could start fires with her glasses! The rest is history. Donna received her BA degree in Biology from Carson Newman College and her MAT degree from Chicago State University in secondary education. Science literacy for all students is a focal point of Donna’s teaching.

Donna Larrieu's Curriculum:
Respiratory System and the Audible Human Project 

This unit is a sub unit within the overall unit, Multi Cellular Organism. Bioengineering is infused within the context of the respiratory system and the Audible Human Project of University of Illinois- Chicago. The unit starts with the structure and function of the respiratory system. Students are engaged with making a claim and supporting that claim. Building, manipulating and evaluating models to demonstrate various respiratory complications is referenced throughout the unit. Students use the internet to research the Audible Human Project and make connections to their model and the bioengineering being done there. Students are exposed to data collection and making meaning of data as they work through model activities that mirror those in the AHP lab. This quantitative approach is rooted in the engineering design loop. Collaboration within and between student groups will foster the exchange of ideas and the advancement of science literacy. Literacy is weaved throughout every lesson. Being able to read, write and speak science is an important skill in the 21st century. Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards are the foundation of this unit. The unit culminates with a performance task. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the respiratory system and bioengineering.


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