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Photo of Jung, Katy

Katy Jung

North-Grand High School


Katy (Ms. Jung) is a math and science teacher at North-Grand High School. Katy graduated from the five-year combined degree TEACH program at DePaul University. Since graduating, Katy has been teaching for the past two years and her teaching repertoire includes Chemistry, Algebra 2, and Biology. Katy loves teaching both math and science because this unique opportunity allows her to give insight from each discipline. During the summer of 2016, Katy worked to create her BEST curriculum with a focus on bringing neuroscience and neuroimaging into the Biology classroom.

Katy Jung's Curriculum:
Introduction to Neuroscience

In this unit, students will be exposed to the basics of neuroscience. Current research has barely scratched the surface for understanding the human brain. As such, students will become more familiar with the “unknown” and inquisitive nature of science. After learning some basic content about the human brain, including the structure and function of neurons and functional specialization, students will be responsible for creating their own experiment using EEG headsets. The summative performance task has the students create an experiment that must inform the current bank of knowledge of the human brain in some way (e.g., understanding connections, medical diagnosis, etc.).


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