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Photo of Hu, Howard

Howard Hu

Jones College Prep High School


Unit Overview
This is the last unit in the JCP honors chemistry curriculum. Students will complete a portfolio of not just what they learned about electron chemistry, but also a reflection of the science and engineering practices as it relates to Mr. Hu’s experience in Dr. Mathew’s restorative dentistry lab. The whole unit is tied to understanding and relating corrosion of dental implants to understanding what is chemically happening at the particle level in oxidation reduction reactions. Students should be able to come away with this unit feeling confident about being able to perform the science and engineering practices. They may not know them inside and out, but if they were to ever perform one of the skills they should feel like that can do it and that they have ownership of their learning. In terms of content, they should be able to explain mass change, metal ion exchange, electron flow and transfer, oxidation vs reduction, anode vs cathode, and draw and label a simple battery. The secondary goal of this unit is to get students to understand the value of scientific research, if not to enter the field of science and engineering.