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Photo of Gibson, David J.

David J. Gibson

Sarah E. Goode S.T.E.M. Academy


David J. Gibson is a teacher at Sarah E. Goode S.T.E.M. Academy and has taught grades from Kindergarten through College Level Master’s Programs. David uses a variety of techniques to connect students with the things they are learning for real impact on their lives. The goal for David is not to teach from a perspective of what we want you to know, but to teach from a place of experiential learning that creates new pathways for fulfilling one’s life. David has three- and one-half masters degrees and is a life long student. These degrees do not define David and are simply the vehicles he used to change the dynamics of patterns for students and their lives. In 2018 David was part of the Clinton Global Initiative Class to Rewrite Education creating a curriculum designed to give students the skills needed to overcome obstacles and be in the space of creation for the things, that students want to do with their lives as individuals.


David believes that art, games, and leisure activities often imitate the reality of a person’s life. For David, comic books and science fiction were an avenue of leisure and wonder that created a natural interest in science. David believes that the things we like are the connection to the things we learn even if what we are learning does not seem connected in a direct way. That indirect connection creates a space where if the pathway is open, learning becomes organic and synergetic with what our personal interest are in as humans. What is a human’s favorite thing to talk about? Themselves so if educators can tie what we teach as much as possible to you as an individual the educators gain instant buy-in to the materials being taught. David joined the UIC BEST Program with the intent of learning new technologies and methodologies in science to take back to the classroom to enhance student understanding and growth.

“Our Education is the discovery of Life. We can teach each other to create a life we value as a student and pursue those things which YOU are passionate about and have an aptitude for, rather than what someone told you to do based on their actualization of their life. The impact of your life is there for you, waiting for you, rise up and take it.”

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