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Photo of Fimmel, Anna

Anna Fimmel

Hubbard High School


Anna is a new biology and chemistry teacher at Hubbard High School. A relative latecomer to teaching, her career trajectory has included work as an Amazon warehouse worker, a gig economy driver, a freelance artist, an SAT tutor, and a neuroscientist (with a focus on behavioral neuroendocrinology). She has too many cats. Anna enjoys drawing silly comics, failing to finish books on her nightstand, learning about home renovation, sewing, knitting, and cultivating an aura of nauseatingly guileless (and therefore ironic) whimsy. She has a deep affection for Great Lakes Rust Belt cities.


Anna’s experiences in the ​​Peñalver Bernabé lab involved troubleshooting in MATLAB/EEGlab, analyzing EEG outputs, and creating MATLAB tutorial slideshows. She also made a lab logo. A big believer in brain trusts and drawing on a variety of sources in lesson planning, Anna is honored to be part of the BEST program. She plans to invite people from the Peñalver Bernabé lab into her classroom to demonstrate lab techniques. Using her summer experience, she has created a systems neuroscience unit that can stand alone or be used in concert with the proprietary Skyline curriculum materials. Hopefully, she’ll get the timing such that there will be brain dissections right before Halloween.


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